We started our business of manufacturing and selling sodium hypochlorite, used for water disinfection. Hypochlorite being one of the by-product of chlorine, we realized that it was not environmentally friendly. Our constant search for a better and environment friendly disinfectant ended with Ozone. In the year 1998, a propriety firm “M/s Ozone India” was established. The activities carried out by Ozone India were to manufacture state of the art, cost effective ozone generators of various tailor made capacities. Commitment, hardwork and dedication towards the product and zeal to make the customer aware of the advantages and benefits of Ozonisation has been and continue to be the key to our success. Within a short period of four years we were an established company having supplied our Ozonisation systems to number of customers for applications like drinking water treatment, swimming pool ozonisation, de-odourisation of air, etc.

Due to the consistent growth of the company, in the year 2002 Ozone India became a private limited company and thus ORAIPL (Ozone Research and Applications India Private Limited) was born.

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