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Whiz Sales is one of the best platform to get better CRM software solution for various types of business industries such as, manufacturing industries, health care, retail, education, travel industries and many more.

Whiz-Sales solutions

  • icon_16Communicate and co-oprateBetter and transparent communication and co-operation between sales personnel enhances successful team selling
  • icon_17Track and manage all leadsWhiz Sales Software gives you filtered data that provide an analytical sight to evaluate the sales process and forecast future sales, opportunities.
  • icon_18Connecting with customersManage information about all your customers’ need, contact details and interaction element to achieve the sales goal set by the organisation. 
  • icon_19Carry your success mantra wherever you goWith the WhizSales mobile app for Android, sales representatives will have access to real time info on the go.
  • icon_20Innovative, flexible and affordableDesigned with the individual in mind, WhizSales offers the most innovative and intuitive user experience on the market.
  • icon_21Reports and AnalyticsReports that provide objectivity to any operation and lets the management keep a close look on the performance and the results of strategic decisions at one go.
  • icon_22Statistics that countsWhiz-Sales provides users with a comprehensive view of all the sales activities, along with customer mapping to products or services to reveal preferences.
  • icon_23Automation of process of workflowWhiz Sales enables you to assign all tasks to concerned employee so that lead can be converted into sales fast.
  • icon_24Create genuine leadsWhizSales gives you the opportunity to optimize your lead generation process by creating genuine leads that have higher conversion Probability.

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