CRM Software for Manufacturing Units


We’ll Customise CRM Software to Help Your Manufacturing Unit Become More Pro-active & Productive
In last few years as products have begun to lose their life span faster; manufacturing industries, from being a distributor driven industry has become customer drive.
Until a few years ago manufacturers would upgrade or improve products based on customer feedback but with growing competition and evolving technology, business has undergone immense change.Now manufacturers,buyers, and distributors are interacting,comparing, and exchanging notes enabling them to become proactive and create improved products much faster.

Keeping the above dynamics in mind, Whiz Sales has designed proactive and scalable CRM solution for manufacturers that can be customized based on their specific & unique requirements. The software assists manufacturing units in analyzing customer data, envisaging new market trends or shifts in requirements, and doing relevant changes to respond to the new requirements.
Our software also helps to create leaner structure by linking production, packaging and shipping directly with customer thereby coming to know what customer wants and meet his expectations quickly and efficiently.
Our CRM promise to add significant value to manage your customers, contacts, leads, opportunities, quotes, ultimately impacting performance and profits favourably. For assistance,  Contact Us


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