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Now a day's many business industries are using software systems to improve their business and CRM software is one of them. If you are searching for best crm company in pune, then you are on right path. eWhizsales provides top CRM software in India which maintains better sercurity and works online as well as offline.

CRM is a strategy to manage Company’s Relationship and interaction with its customers and within its departments also, CRM also helps in increasing profitability. Today, CRM has become a necessity for businesses as competition is rising at very faster pace and company without CRM is like “Arjun without Lord Krishna in Mahabharata”, where CRM is a great support for the company. It integrates data incoming from various sources and helps in generating lead and also can accessed through mobile just with an Internet connection anywhere, so to generate lead it provides flexibility. In a nutshell CRM is used effectively to automate the sales process, company interaction with customer, Information about customer of previous purchases. CRM can also be integrated to social networking sites to track customer behaviour and increase interaction on the basis of reviews given by customers on social media, companies can customize their service and offer customer a better values and retain more customers which will generate more profits for the company. As we all know about the concept of loyal customers, who are the most profitable customers and generate most of the company profit. So, Companies can satisfy those of their customers and generate more profits. Today there are around 1.2billion people uses Facebook, 500million people uses Google+, 200million people uses twitter. Hence, it is must to integrate social media with the CRM.

We are the best CRM Company in India, where we provide customized product to our customers and we are provide cloud based CRM and hence, gives no chance of complaints to our customers. We believe our customers to our partners and we do not exist without them. So we care for them like a family. We provide CRM’s for various industries to name some our products are Manufacturing CRM, CRM for Retail Industry, CRM for Service Industry and more, you can check under the head of Industries where all our products mentioned there in detail. We are the best CRM software provider in Pune and we provide with the best services to our customers. Basic features of some of our products are WhizSales automates your core sales, customer service and marketing processes, with a focus on the individual. Our contact details are mentioned, for more you can contact us.

Smart Phone Compatible

Works on any smart phone; its advanced communication features keep managers connected with team as well as prospects/clients; this is a definite advantage over competitors as it enables teams to keep in touch with customers more closely.

Safe & Self-Driven

All data fed by team members is encrypted and cloud based, hence it’s safe, current, and accurate at all times. It is accessible from anywhere (post authorization) without internet connection.

Developed by Experts

WhizSales has been put together by intuitive & experienced techies based on inputs from professional sales people. Hence the product you get is functional, secure, practical, and with no frills.
WhizSales –Technology Partner in Your Success!

Our CRM Software is Safe & Secure & Works Online & Offline


  • icon_18Manage Expense Account OnlineUsers can create, organize, review, and export expense statements by defining


  • icon_24Assign Tasks. Get Reminders.Keep track of tasks and appointments. Assign tasks to team members. Get reminders via email or SMS.

  • icon_16Track & Monitor Sales TeamLead Monitoring & Progress Tracking, Follow-up, Scheduling Reminders, Hit & Miss Analyses, Lead Analyses Daily, Weekly


  • icon_17Sales AutomationAllows you to access all details of leads, anytime to ensure high sales performance and increase profitability.

  • icon_20Functions OfflineEnables users to work within the application as they go out of office on calls, even to locations where there is no internet connection.


  • icon_16Facilitates Export & Import of DataIt is very easy and simple to import or




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