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Real Estate CRM Solution

Our CRM software for real estate comes with all profit-maximizing features; an automation tool to help you take off immediately, convert more leads, and do business independently or with a team if you have an office set-up. It functions equally well in both cases. The software is easy to use.

CRM Software for Real Estate

eWhizsales offers CRM software and this supports very advanced features. Because of this software user can easily import information and data from CSV to Excel, export to Excel. It is also find simple to categorize through tags, share notes and tasks, view history, emails, assign contacts. User can also generate daily reports with new leads. In addition, this software also supports permission, security features and international currency support.

All this for a price unmatched in Real Estate industry! You can get in touch with us via mail over phone or through Skype as per your convenience.

Real estate CRM that will convert more leads and help you grow like a pro!

Customers Segmentation
CRM software for real estate industries helps company to target and segment the customers in accordance with their need. It helps companies in focused approach on the customers in accordance with need based analytic. This is useful to separate out customer’s terminology according to their interest and requirement. You can plan marketing campaign and improve efforts to attract more clients towards projects.

Documents Record
Real estate companies keep complete record of each document. CRM captures the details when customers upload these documents. Ultimately software for real estate saves paper and efforts as it store all record digitally in a systematic manner. You can set reminders to collect pending documents from customers. It enables sales team to create contacts and keep record of all documents.

Manage Sales Cycle
CRM software for the Real Estate industry by Whiz Sales helps companies to keep the record of each activity and conversation with important remarks. It captures complete sales procedure without fail. Software enables companies to evaluate the performances of sales executives and project profitability and future revenue. It filters the list of interested customers so that executives can pay more attention on these leads to ensure sales.

MIS and Reports
Companies seek complete reports of all activities and sales to evaluate the performance of the sales team and to understand the results of a campaign to attract the customers. Whiz Sales CRM for Real Estate Companies filters all the required information in the prescribed format to highlight performances according to executive or property. You can download reports in excel formats. It helps in managing pending enquiries with sources.

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