Streamline Your Retail Business with Our CRM Software


Selecting effective CRM software can improve customer satisfaction, company’s performance & reputation; and bring down costs. Its demand is on such rise that it is considered as part of strategy rather than an application.

Choosing the CRM that is right for you is therefore an important decision. You don’t need to have a big staff to install this CRM. Even if you do not have a separate department or staff set up, this CRM will help you to effectively manage customer relationship and stay competitive.

Our CRM software can not only be tailored according to your requirements but it also has scope to expand with your growing business. It has all the functions connected with Retail plus it can be synced with other apps.

Our CRM software will help you to manage comprehensive and detailed client database; its integrated sales and marketing apps will help you to keep in touch with customers and build clientele, collect and record consumer information, take consumer feedback etc. It is easy to use and offers many other supports relevant to retail sector. If your business has unique requirements our technical staff can customize it as per your requirement.

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You can set periodic targets, monitor sales and calculate occupancy costs to understand the channel performance. Monitor days of receivables and inventory stock to analyze the channel business. Supervise partners performance with the real time updated information.

Single point contacts for all the clients and capture the customer conversation that enables you to be customer centric by understanding their requirements, experience and expectations. Easily monitor and gather customer feedback and complaints to excel.

At the tip of sending a quotations and receiving orders, CRM enables you to get the current status of inventory. It helps in order delivery on time and enable company to re-order inventory timely. Track stock, orders to fulfill commitments to customers and distributors.



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