CRM Software for Service Industry to Manage & Nurture Prospects & Partners

We know that Service Providing it government, finance, banking, education, legal, media, hospitality, tourism, retail etc happen to be important sectors playing a vital role in driving the economy.

With advent of technology and internet it has become easy for organizations to communicate with their customers anywhere, anytime, and from any device from mobile to video chatting or conference calls, Skype, chat and what not.

Service industry’s main focus is on maintaining client relationship, retaining clients, building inbound relationships and so on. Keeping these in mind the scope to improve performance through CRM software is immense.

CRM software we’ve designed for service providers comes with a variety of features and functions to improve businesses productivity and create more personal connections with customers. It helps you to track customers and contact information, correspondence, documents, conversations, etc.

We can customise various functions in our CRM software for you according to your needs to ease your work. From designing research based software to simplifying, easing, and syncing all your operations.our technical experts will do everything.

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 Customer approaches company for service, enquiry or complaints against the product or services of the organization. CRM enables you to streamline multiple contacts even for a single customer, contact history of clients, services and product brought by the customers, processed and pending service requests. Online access provides instant information to customers.
 CRM offers centralised database of customers, product details. It manages customer’s contact history and the knowledge record for the common problems. Centralised information ensures smooth customer service and support for the queries of the customer to provide the best services. It reduces the time in solving customers problems and enables you to pick best solution.
 Software offers the best customer services to help the clients on time. It is not possible to manually manage the schedule for thousand customers at a time. Software for the service Industry manages the activities/task and scheduling in the most efficient manner. You can get the 360-degree view of the communication with customer. Manage SLA with the reduced service time.
 Software offers a user management tool to the company to define the access level of the information for each user in the system. For example Sales executives will not be able to access order execution reports. It empowers you to define rights of user to see the level of information in accordance with the login. User gets focussed information about the pending leads and service requests.
 Get insights into the service performance of the organization with instantaneously updated dashboard and reports by the CRM. It provides you the real market data to understand requirement of proactive actions. Effective reporting and planning of the service visits and Increase sales efficiently through due to easy reporting procedure and real idea of the opportunities with CRM.

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