About Us

Welcome to Whiz Sales!

Before we tell you about Whiz Sales CRM software and what made it an instant hit, we’d like to tell you a little about our mother company www.ewhizIndia.com

www.ewhizIndia.com was started in 2009 by a team of qualified and dynamic engineers who brought unique talent, success stories, and above all a spirit of entrepreneurship to the table. It is under their mentoring and vision that we build diverse business solutions. Ultimately, Whiz Sales CRM software was also developed and built under the same umbrella. Finally, We decided to promote it independently owing to the niche it caters to.

Awards & Recognition

6th Brand Slam Award 2017

MCCIA Award 2018

About Our Product

We are very, very proud of our product and it makes us very happy to see a steady flow of customers showing interest in the software. Here, we were 100% focused on building a product that wouldn't just make promises. Apart from this, We were visualizing a software that would be so easy to handle that people would use it!

Whiz Sales has been a game changer for all of us who slogged to build it! Most qualified and experienced engineers are working on the project. And hence, Whiz Sales team provides most outstanding results. Team efforts are appreciated.

We also owe a lot to our Survey & Research Team who came up with very critical inputs. They shared a very important observation with us. According to their research when it came to CRM software, though people tend to show enthusiasm initially, it tend to lose steam soon and nobody uses it after a while.

This is where the idea was conceived that we will focus on building CRM software that Sales Team will not only find extremely useful but also USE IT E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y!

That’s how we started listing down all the practical features to build an effective CRM.

We talked to sales professionals at different hierarchical levels in different organizations. Our in sync and smart junkies translated and coded the features; and our engineers managed to hand us over an easy to use & flexible software.

We were very impressed with the first home run. After some further fine-tuning, we invited some distinguished companies to take a demo run. And their reviews encouraged us to take a step forward and thus the product was launched!

In spite of doing a soft launch for the product, we can boast of having single user to 300 user companies using our CRM software!

If you are contemplating having a CRM software for your sales team and want to discuss it, you can Contact Us.