Why Whiz Sales

Why eWhizsales

Safe, Secure, Plus Improves Efficiency & Productivity of Sales Team!

In today’s highly competitive environment companies having the highest chances to succeed are ones that maintain customer relations in top order. Adopting appropriate CRM technology solution is the best way to go about it. eWhizsales offers good platform for CRM software.
If you are contemplating getting CRM for your organization, Whiz Sales CRM software is worth considering. It not only replaces manual process, cutting down on inefficiencies caused due to human error; but also integrates seamlessly with other business solutions and marketing automation tools. Above all, your data is secure & safe even as you lose your team member to your competitor.

Before we install the software we customize and sync the features to mirror your company’s sales process, build reporting formats, columns, fields, categories as per your requirement; set a process to assign authorization rights etc. Besides there is still scope to add custom fields or turn off features you won’t use based on your requirements anytime in future.
Detailed & filtered overview of all deals; cold and new deals; open deals, in-progress deals; follow-ups, warm, hot, & successfully closed deals, everything from lead to order is available at a glance.
You can apply custom filters to view data you want. To the extent that you can even track the exact location of member of your sales team on the move; can assign new tasks or follow ups to reps on the move....
Customers are accurately segmented with their needs clearly defined. Their progress is constantly monitored and tracked; managers can interact and intervene anytime to exert push etc. All these features lead to improved conversion, and higher customer satisfaction.
eWhizsales comes with clearly defined responsibility for sales team at every stage of sale. This ensures that no customer is lost owing to lacunae in system. And when a customer is lost it is easy to identify what went wrong and who fell short.
Team Members Can Enter, Access Data; Re-view & Improve Performance: Sales reps can enter or retrieve data any time. They can review and evaluate their action and follow-up on leads, go through communication history etc to strategise next move to get sales or meet other goals.
Better time management wisdom prevails amongst sales team which improves sales productivity, conversion ratio, saves time. It keeps sales team alert, motivated and stick to best practices.
eWhizsales eases the pressure off mangers towards tracking & monitoring long-wound sales cycles
Users can generate various reports for analyses, visualization, distribution etc without involving sales executives on the field or IT staff.
The interface is designed in a manner that anyone coming onboard can use it to feed, access, analyse, and understand the status of deals at a glance.
As your new app is designed to work on any smart phone, it offers you the facility to connect with new leads on email fast. This software also allows you to add notes during meetings or calls; access any data or information anytime, anywhere. In short your office goes everywhere with you!
Being a cloud based application, it brings down both, the systems support costs as well as constant IT support.
eWhizsales helps managers to better manage and track sales related tasks & activities. You can assign due dates, set reminders, assign territories, new clients, targets etc; dates and reminders get integrated in calendars for teams to view, comply with to manage schedules and priorities accordingly. Email can be synched with calendar for sending reminders. The best thing about this software is that it also works offline or when you or your team is on the move.
Managers or decision makers can view deals in different stages of sales; and have clear picture of team’s performance. This feature enables managers to pick and focus on hot deals and exert extra push if and as required.
Besides CRM, Whiz Sales offers a host of other business solutions like............ They can all be synched with each other. When integrated with each other some really cool conveniences emerge creating a self sufficient business set-up in itself.

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