Health Care

CRM Software for Healthcare Industry

Our CRM software for health care industry is uniquely designed to streamline incoming and outgoing patient information. This software also stores medical history for all patients. And maintains better interaction among physicians, doctors, surgeons, insurance company and admin staff without delay.

Features :

We have devised single interface enables user to hold many tasks such as; carry through critical discussions. Share medical information and have better coordination among physicians, nurses and administrators to take critical decisions timely. In addition, it also works on mobile and can be synced with social media for campaigns. Presently, CRM software offers more advanced features like segmentation and nurturing special clients by catering to medicinal needs of special clients.

Easy to Use :

Healthcare Solution requires in-depth understanding and expertise. And hence, it is designed in such a way that it requires no special training to operate it. In fact, CRM software is a tool which empowers employees to work smooth and fast without any inconvenience. Talk or Contact Us!

Advanced features

Lead Management
Online CRM software offers lots of facilities. CRM helps to capture all types of inquiries coming from various sources. There are multiple types of enquiries such as, website lead forms, marketing automation systems, lead providers and many more. In addition, take better advantage of unparalleled group of push, pull, and hybrid lead distribution options. That options drive fast response, max conversion, and optimal team performance. Managers establish an optimal selling process for your team. This helps to control daily sales interactions.

Quotation Management
It supports better quotation management for health care industry. And also enable users to create quotation against inquiry or complaint and send the same by email in html or PDF formats.

Order Management
With the help of our solution, sales person can process any order instantly. Finally, this allows user, to track order processing status, installation, product deliveries and feedback from the customer.

Proforma Invoice
In trade transactions, a pro forma invoice is a document. This document states a commitment from the seller to sell goods to the buyer at specified prices and terms. It is used to declare the value of the trade. CRM software handle pro forma invoice very well.

Payment Followup
CRM Software for health care industry in India offered by eWhizsales is very helpful to manage orders and payment follow-ups. In addition, you can manage reminder and auto email notifications in CRM. You can also collect auto payment updates against the pending payments.