CRM Software for Pharma Industry

Whiz Sales provides CRM software for pharma industry. If you are working with pharmaceutical industries, then you need professionally designed software solution. In the first place, you have reached the right destination where Whiz Sales not only provide CRM software only but also provide with the customized CRM software.

Our CRM software for pharma industry designed uniquely for pharmaceutical coupled with lots of special features added to it. Our CRM Software will instantly help in bring all contacts and networks into a single unified database, realigning the market through segmentation, surely saving your time and money. In brief, it is scaled to suit your organization size.

Whiz Sales CRM works efficiently on mobile phones which surely enable managers to deliver customer related information to the salespeople on the field anytime, anywhere.

This software also helps Managers to generate comprehensive and summarized reports. In also supports customer tracking and compliance etc. Additionally, CRM leads Companies to better performance and being competition-ready always.

If you are a pharmaceutical company and looking for affordable CRM software coupled with so many features. Hence, you have reached the right place and your need will be taken care of by providing the best possible solution to your requirements regarding CRM Software.

Important Features :

Effective Sales Process
Incorporation of CRM software enable sales force to automate lead management, contact management and tracking order with delivery status. The effectively managed process result in:

  • Priorities sales channels
  • Quick responses to enquiry coming in.
  • Auto escalation according to severity of communication.
  • Thus result in satisfying customer and more revenue sales

Save Stationary
Online CRM interface access enable its user to access the information anywhere and everywhere with just an Internet connection. As a result:

  • You are not required to print the information.
  • Soft information can easily email for quick perusal.
  • Digital transmission of information save time in verification and confirmation.
  • Save stationary and courier cost

Quick Reporting Tools
Reporting is a complex task in any process and when it comes to sales and support executive accuracy carries utmost importance. CRM provides:

  • Tour Programs.
  • Daily Call Reports (DCRs).
  • Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Sales Mgmt.
  • Daily/Monthly Expenses.
  • Sales Target & Product Order Booking

In Summary, Above all mentioned features are the core of CRM. Hence, CRM is the most important part of any business and we provide the best CRM solution.