CRM Software for Travel Agency by Whizsales

CRM software for travel agency always had greater role to perform. Where in fact, it was expected to deliver beyond satisfying specific needs of travel and hospitality companies. And hence, with rise in competition, demand for more functions has surfaced.

Indeed, Our CRM software offers advanced and additional practical functions wherein you can store a lot of information at one place. Notably, it also notifies you of incoming leads to be able to respond immediately. And also, It offers you scope to stay in touch with clients (subtly without coming in the way), with whom you have done business in the past. In addition, this software supports more useful features. Because of this features, user can access customer database, get multiple agent logins, use email chat window, appointment scheduler, analysing client behaviour and so on.

Presently, this software gives more benefit for travel industries and also leads to better customer experience. It also enables you to analyse customer more accurately, convert more leads and generate references through happy customers. You will be able to retain costumer history and calculate effectiveness of your campaigns. Contact Us if you are contemplating Travel and Tour CRM for your organization!

CRM that helps to convert more leads and take your business to the next level

Enquiry Management
CRM software for travel agency is a useful platform for the incoming queries. It helps companies in tracking and getting all the appropriate details of the customers immediately. In addition, this software enables you to assign enquires to any user, without any difficulty. It also helps to manage important contacts and facilitate the future relations.

Manages Tasks and Follow-ups
CRM software allows the agents to follow their prospect customers. It helps to track and record all conversations with customers. This software gives immediate alerts and reminders for the actions required to be taken by the agents. CRM always ensures continuous communication and follow-ups with clients.

Special Occasion Reminders
Delight your customers for future business and relation. CRM for travel helps companies to easily manage all reminders. This software manages the data of all personal details of customers like, Anniversary and Birthdays, etc. CRM delight your customers efficiently.

Multiple Login
CRM software for travel agency enables each agent and sales executive to access with their login from anywhere so that they can update their complete information real-time. It offers cloud based applications that enables agent to login there account anytime to improve relations.