Whiz Sales - FAQ

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. There is a cancel subscription option visible on user account page which can also be viewed and reached via dashboard. Or you may intimate us about the same with your account details and we will promptly reply to confirm your cancellation. With start of new billing cycle we will discontinue the usage.

Questions I have aren’t addressed here, how to contact you?

Please mail us your questions. Our Help Desk is prompt when it comes to responding.

How Does Free Demo Work

It is simple to download Whiz Sales trial/demo version. This facilitates our users to take a 15 uninterrupted days trial before buying the software. Trial version offers users firsthand and real time experience of working on the software. Though trial version comes with certain limitations on access to some features, yet it offers a complete experience.

How About Duplicate Contact Records?

When contact details are entered in Whiz Sales Software by an executive or team member, our system scans the combination of first name, last name, and other details in order to avoid duplication of record.

On What Devices does the Software Work?

Regular Desktop, Any Smart Phone & Offline app for Android

How will you ensure my data security?

ipage.com has provided adequate security checks at various levels to ensure that customer data is comprehensively protected from internal and external threats. We are sure you will agree that we cannot make public our security policy, practices and procedures.

What is Whiz Sales & What does it do?

Whiz Sales is a sales manager’s virtual assistant designed that monitors and tracks team’s daily activities and performance to ensure better productivity and sales revenue and numbers for the company.
It is effective and suitable for all kinds of business organizations where a sales cycle is involved. Once installed it can handle as many user accounts and licenses as your company desires. You may buy as many as you require. However, multiple concurrent users are likely to generate high load.
Mangers can overview a detailed report, access and analyze rep’s conversation with clients, send an alert to prompt the rep to follow-up with clients slipping off of your radar. This software ensures that all the clients your team is meeting are in good form; and important people and business opportunities are retained.

How Much Does Whiz Sales Cost?

There are different packages with different functions. Convenient part is that you can even purchase and install two modules. You pick what suits your organization’s sales process. The coolest part vis-à-vis buying Whiz Sales is that you can take 15 Days Trial before getting the complete & paid version installed. This trail period gives clients a realistic experience and idea about software’s functions and features. For more details on pricing and features, please visit Whiz Sales price page.

How long does it Take to Install?

48 hours and it will up and running!

How About upgrades?

Whiz Sales’ Technical teal is always on the job to create and develop something new to offer the existing and new clients to ease their work further. For which we offer free automated upgrades from time to time for the modules purchased by you.

Can I buy & install software Module wise?

Yes we facilitate this additional service for our buyers. You are free to buy any one or more of the two modules and install them.

Does Whiz Sales require Internet Connection?

Not 24X7, as Whiz Sales is designed to work offline too. It is cloud based software hence it does require internet connection to update the data and info on your mobile or other device that you may be using. Once data is updated you can work on it offline at leisure in your spare time.

How Does it Help The Company Grow?

Whiz Sales enables managers to form a team wherein he has access to track, monitor, and share contact data and communication histories are shared across the team, allowing for stronger relationships and increased accountability.
Whiz Sales manages team’s contact database. It build strong relationships by reminding team members to timely follow up with key contacts through the in-built automated follow-up reminder system synched with calendars. It is programmed to track rep’s important communication history with clients.

How Are Teams Formed & What All Activities Can Be Carried Out Within Teams?

A team administrator will be assigned right to form a team by inviting or adding new members. Once the team is formed admin (manager) will decide right to be given to each member to access and share information, data, conversation etc. This helps to build strong relationships and improve accountability.
The dashboard enables managers to view performance of individual team members at managing relationships, which groups require more attention, which team or individual needs pulling up or need to pick up the slack etc. Mangers can assign contacts to a team member in real time. Whiz Sales is programmed in a way to ensure that when a contact is assigned to team member, only that team member will receive follow-up reminders for that contact. Managers can generate different reports, and distribute amongst team using Whiz Sales

Are there additional security levels within Whiz-Sales?

Yes there are security features in Whiz-Sales software which allow you to assign access and permissions to each modules, features and reports.

Who Can Access Whiz-Sales?

The software can be accessed only by those employees who have been assigned rights to access or have permission to use the system. All the assigned users will be given unique login details to access system.

Can company using CRM software of another company, interested in shifting to Whiz-Sales migrate, existing sales data on to this new interface?

Definitely! Whiz-Sales facilitates several user friendly (MS Excel) import mechanisms that will upload all our existing data into the software needing minimum time and effort. Our technical staff can instruct you over phone to help you sync it right within minimum time.

Is any kind of training or skill required to use Whiz-Sales?

Whiz-Sales is amongst the least complex and user friendly sales automation system. It requires introductory directions by way of training and getting used to the software is only a matter of time.

Can emails be Sent & Received Using Whiz Sales?

Yes all team members including manager can communicate with each other via this platform.tainly you get free upgrades of the software for the modules purchased by you and it gets automatically updated on your Whiz-Sales community.

What are the software & hardware requirements to use Whiz-Sales?

Whiz Sales is ready-to-use and needs no application to be installed or maintained on the user's machines. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser.