Top CRM Software in India - Important Features

Top CRM Software in India - Important Features

Manage Expense Account Online

Users can create, organize, review, and export expense statements by defining fields and categories as deemed necessary and relevant. Such account statements could range from local travel expenses to any other expense incurred during the course of sales. There is also an option, through which these expenses can be grouped and filtered for reporting or tracking purposes.

Control Access Rights

Role based Security to control the access rights of users while working with Whiz Sales CRM data and modules.

Facilitates Export & Import of Data

It is very easy and simple to import or migrate your existing data from software to Whiz Sales. Likewise your data here can be exported to some other software.

Assign Tasks. Get Reminders.

Keep track of tasks and appointments. Assign tasks to team members. Get reminders via email or SMS.

Syncs & Integrates

Syncs & Integrates with Google Apps as well as software like accounting, invoicing, project management or customer support etc enabling you to interchange data between two programs.

In-built Email Exchange Feature

Software has in-built ability to manage exchange of emails between members, contacts of customers, prospects, ensuring effective and timely communication.

Lead Management

Tracks & Monitors Sales Team

Lead Monitoring & Progress Tracking, Follow-up, Scheduling Reminders, Hit & Miss Analyses, Lead Analyses Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Email Alerts on Lead Status Changes, Email Notification on Expense Submission, Store and retrieve information, change admin settings through authorization, Users can send bulk email to all professional contacts via in-built e-mail templates, social media integration, Subscribers, auto-responders etc.

Tracks, Monitors, & Maintains Detailed Client/Customer Information

Users (Managers) can view their teams’ client list and detailed information about each client with all activities, emails, appointments, sales data, quotes and more. Every column is configurable and filter can be added to enable users to select and track only the information which is important for decision making. New customers can be added and activities and communications can be viewed from data base even offline. User can add as many fields and categories to create customer account as necessary.

Generates Reports

You can create and distribute various types of charts and reports without help of Sales Team or IT staff. There aremultiple format options from which users can create and save reports for distribution or future reference.

Functions Offline

Enables users to work within the application as they go out of office on calls, even to locations where there is no internet connection. They can continue to work normally once they have updated or synched the data base on their laptop, mobile phone etc.

Sales Automation

Allows you to access all details of leads, anytime to ensure high sales performance and increase profitability.

Various Packages & Pricing

We offer various package options at various price points. You can choose to go with the one that meets your business goals and objectives.


Reliable & Safe

Since Whiz Sales is hosted on a robust infrastructure; your data is safe, encrypted, with multiple real time backups, and no scope for leakage in the worst scenario when you lose a sales rep.

Whiz Sales Serves Multiple Businesses

Whiz Sales is suitable for Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Service, Pharmacy & Healthcare; Education, and many other industries. Our technical team is constantly at work to improve and upgrade its features from time to time.