Whiz Sales supports lots of features for CRM software. It is very effective to use for all type of business industries. All its features are updated time to time.

Whiz Sales is new-age CRM Software with lots of advance features, that helps you to transform the way you do business! It is a cloud-based CRM application, which enables marketers track sales leads and provide the analytic that reveal the actual picture for planning and strategic implementation. Whiz Sales automates your core sales, customer service and marketing processes, with a focus on the individual.

Whiz Sales CRM Software improves sales activities and ensures effective marketing through real-time business intelligence. It trims down costs and improves profitability with its automation of business processes . It takes care of customer satisfaction and speeds up the sales and marketing activities. Improves Returns on Investment with automation of customer services marketing and sales team activities. Take all advantages of Whiz Sales software features


Whiz CRM is Mobile

Whiz CRM is built on the power of SAAS on Cloud . You can run your business on any digital device. It is India’s most proven and beloved customer relationship management solution. With its Pay as You Go model, the price of success is dramatically lowered.

Whiz CRM is Scalable

To grow revenue, you need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that can scale with your business needs. Start small and scale and expand as you grow big. Add features as and when you need. With Whiz CRM, Managing contacts and sales opportunities is just the beginning.

Push not Pull Approach

With Whiz CRM, rather than you trying to gather and get information, Information flows to you. Everything comes to you — leads and opportunity management, funnel management, analytics reporting, contact management, , sales target management, expenses management etc.

Smart Phone Compatible

Works on any smart phone; its advanced communication features keep managers connected with team as well as prospects/clients; this is a definite advantage over competitors as it enables teams to keep in touch with customers more closely.

Safe & Self-Driven

All data fed by team members is encrypted and cloud based, hence it’s safe, current, and accurate at all times. It is accessible from anywhere (post authorization) without internet connection.

Developed by Experts

Whiz Sales has been put together by intuitive & experienced techies based on inputs from professional sales people. Hence the product you get is functional, secure, practical, and with no frills.Whiz Sales –Technology Partner in Your Success!



  • icon_S28Manage Expense Account OnlineUsers can create, organize, review, and export expense statements by defining


  • icon_S25Assign Tasks. Get Reminders.Keep track of tasks and appointments. Assign tasks to team members. Get reminders via email or SMS.

  • icon_S27Track & Monitor Sales TeamLead Monitoring & Progress Tracking, Follow-up, Scheduling Reminders, Hit & Miss Analyses, Lead Analyses Daily, Weekly


  • icon_S26Sales AutomationAllows you to access all details of leads, anytime to ensure high sales performance and increase profitability.

  • icon_S30Functions OfflineEnables users to work within the application as they go out of office on calls, even to locations where there is no internet connection.


  • icon_S31Facilitates Export & Import of DataIt is very easy and simple to import or



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