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Whiz Sales is cloud-based sales tracking software that offers services like streamlining various sales activities viz. monitoring new opportunities, keeping track of customer interaction with team member, set automated alerts and follow-up reminders besides maintaining integrating account history. The software offers easy to access single window facility through which managers or higher ups to access contact information, relevant documents and deals in progress pertaining to clients with their precise current status. All this readily available data facilitates accurate sales forecasting and better results.

Whether you need basic info about the software or need to migrate your data from old software to Whiz Sales...

our team will reach out to you to get the best features installed required for your organization’s success. Team managers can view and access client details and status of team members in real time, they can view the exact location of team members at any given point of time, team members can add, edit business information; seniors can send alerts, assign work, plan meeting, and so forth. Though it is open to view and alter round the clock, yet it is 100% safe and secure and only those personnel can access data that have been assigned rights to do so.

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