CRM Software for Service Industry

Our extension, CRM software for service industry is very helpful and added value to the Business. As, Service Industry is growing very fast and also is very competitive. Hence, to remain competitive in the Industry, CRM Software is the great assistance.

Here, we provide CRM software for multiple service industries such as government, finance, banking, education, legal, media, hospitality, tourism, retail and many more.

Predominantly, Businesses can communicate with their customers anywhere, anytime with the help of just mere internet connection. In addition, its advanced technologies help you to communicate via mobile, video chatting, conference calls, Skype and chat. And hence, communication anywhere across the world becomes easy.

Whiz Sales provides CRM software for service industry. This platform supports very advanced features. It surely helps to improve business productivity. This is also very useful in creating Company’s strong personal connections with customers.

Above all, we can customize CRM as per customer’s needs. With the help our experts team, you can solve your any difficulty immediately. Here you will get free conversation. Feel free to contact us.


Customer Contact History
Because of CRM software, lots of customer’s are approaches here for services, enquiries or complaints against the product or services of the organization. Our team helps you to solve your problem instantly.

Centralised Database
CRM software offers centralised database system for their customers. And it manages customer’s contact history and the knowledge record for the common problems. However, it is time saving and cost effective as well and also helps you to pick right solution.

Service Scheduling
CRM solution offers the best customer services, which are very helpful for clients. It is not possible to manually manage the schedule for thousand customers at a time, but software for the service Industry manages the activities or task and does scheduling in the most efficient manner.

User Management
CRM software offers a best user management tool. And because of that, it is very easy for companies to define the access level of the information for each user in the system. For example, sales executives will not be able to access order execution reports. It empowers you to define rights of user to see the level of information in accordance with the login. User gets focussed information about the pending leads and service requests.

Reporting and Analytic
Get insights into the service performance of the organization with instantaneously updated dashboard and reports by the CRM. It provides you the real market data to understand requirement of proactive actions. Effective reporting and planning of the service visits and Increase sales efficiently through due to easy reporting procedure and real idea of the opportunities with CRM.